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Lawn Mower Rechargeable Lead Acid Battery

Safe Use Precautions


1. The inside electrolyte will corrode metal, cotton product, stone. Use properly.
2. Do not place the battery against the side or upside down to prevent acid leakage
3. The hydrogen will be generated during the working and discharging of battery which will cause explosion if there were fire. Pay attention for the following
3.1. Maintain and use the battery where is ventilate
3.2. No sparks and flame when the battery is in maintenance
3.3. If the battery is charging outside the vehicle which can’t be installed immediately after finish charging until laying at lease 10min to release the hydrogen generated inside
      the battery.
3.4. After riding, the battery can’t be dismounted immediately until laying for at least 10 mins
3.5. During charging, the ambient temperature should not be over 45℃, Otherwise cooling by water or by reducing the charging current and charging volts.
4. DO NOT place the metal tool or conducting matter nearby the terminal in case short-circuit the terminal
5. DO not knock the terminal by hammer during the battery installation
6. Be safe during carrying to prevent hitting

Installation and Maintenance

1. Always connect the positive terminal firstly.
DO NOT reverse polarity otherwise the electrical equipment of motorcycle will damage.
*Some can’t be activated due to the different performance of different vehicle. Start the engine for more times or step on gas which can more easily to activate.
*Manual activation is recommend to achieve exact date recorded.
2. During acid filling, wearing acid-proof cloths, rubber boots, shield glass and rubber glove etc.
   If the skin and clothes are splashed by acid, wash by large quantity of water. Seek medical help if necessary.
3. DO NOT over discharging the battery, charging the battery timely after discharging.
4. Dismount or disconnect the negative terminal of battery if the motorcycle hasn’t been in service for long term.
5. DO NOT check the battery has power or not by short-circuit the terminal.
6. Regularly check the terminal connection and the surface of terminal is clean or not to ensure well connection.
7. Storage the battery where is 5~25℃, dry, ventilated and no direct sunshine. Keep the battery at least 2m away from the heat source. Regularly check and maintain the battery.
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